Dallas, Texas is a commercial and cultural hub located in the northeast region of The Lone Star State. As one of the most populous cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Dallas has much to offer to its residents. With over 4.6 million people, 10 regions, and 26 neighborhoods within Dallas, there’s an imperative need for excellent communication services and networks. For the Big D,  FastNet provides high-quality instant communications services that yield fast-acting results. Powered by Hytera, FastNet is a Dallas walkie talkie dealer with an array of services designed to boost productivity and eliminates inefficiencies.

Serving Dallas With Two Way Radio Systems

As a Dallas two way radio dealer, FastNet offers a range of communication services that are designed to improve productivity throughout this modern metropolis of Texas. To deliver instant communication, FastNet provides customers with the following services:

  • Voice: Individual and group calls are included in our voice services. Our Dallas two-way radio systems supply customers with instant communication that’s crisp and clear.
  • Status: To ensure that workers can efficiently monitor job progress, FastNet offers customers our top-of-the-line status services. FastNet’s status services allow workers to obtain consistent updates with job progress and to be in constant contact with other workers with the help of our radios or dispatch consoles.
  • Emergency Calling: FastNet connects you with emergency calling that’s both fast-acting and responsive. Whether you or a worker needs immediate help, you can make emergency calls with a simple press of a button. Fast Net’s emergency calling system takes precedence amongst emergency response services.
  • Text Messaging: As a Dallas two way radio dealer, we understand how important it is to have immediate communication with workers at all times. To provide an answer to this common need, FastNet’s provides excellent text messaging services that are fast, effective, and provide continuous communication. Our text messaging is free form and programmed to reach individuals, groups, and all other users.
  • Vehicle Location (GPS): FastNet’s Radio GPS receivers accurately tracks worker’s positions and locations. Vehicle location can be accessed on the FastNet dispatch position or through any web browser.


As one of the leading Dallas walkie talkie dealer, FastNet provides customers with unparalleled communication in one fast and easy service. Our walkie-talkie and two way radio services offer the widest nationwide coverage and are guaranteed to yield effective communication 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact us today or browse our website for more information on walkie-talkie, GPS, text messaging services, and more.